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Eye Exams at Cutler and Gross

Cutting-Edge and Comprehensive


At Cutler and Gross, meticulous eye tests are paramount to what we do. Our optometrists are optical obsessives. Through a series of tests, they will investigate your vision and eye health, so you can see with confidence. Available at our UK and New York stores.

Our founders, Mr Cutler and Mr Gross, met whilst studying optometry at Northampton College in the early 1960s. They set out to shake-up the industry with their trailblazing frames and expert eye health care.

50 years on, and Cutler and Gross continues to invest in the latest technology, allowing our experienced optometrists to provide fully comprehensive eye examinations and health checks. Luminaries in every field, from musicians to artists and editors, trust us with their vision.

Available at our New York and UK stores, the eye exam entails a complete ocular check-up and lens test. From the vision assessment to the frame fitting and bespoke lenses, every element is personalised to you.

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Step One of the Eye Exam: Personal Assessment

Taking place in one of our iconic consulting rooms, the optometrist will spend 40 minutes leading you through a series of comprehensive tests.

Firstly, the optometrist will ask you about your vision and symptoms. Do you have any concerns about your eyes or current glasses? They will also enquire about your general health, activity level, medications, past treatments, and whether any family members have eye conditions.

This information will allow them to tailor the eye check up to your needs.


Step Two: Testing Begins

Next, the optometrist will run a series of tests. Meticulous and methodical, the eye health check will include:

  • Assessment of vision, both near and far
  • Eye pressure test
  • Colour vision test
  • Peripheral vision assessment (also known as a visual field test)
  • OCT scan (included in UK eye exams only)
  • A full anterior and posterior ocular health check
  • A retina and optic nerve assessment

Our expert optometrists can spot developing conditions at their very earliest. If signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy are identified, they will investigate.


Step Three: The Results

Once the vision test is complete, the optometrist will talk through the findings. This could be a simple ‘all clear’, or they might suggest a new prescription or lens option.  

If the optometrist has identified an eye condition, they will discuss a treatment path and, if necessary, refer you to a specialist.

Our comprehensive eye exams cost £75 and last approximately 40 minutes.


Step Four: Bespoke Lenses

If you need prescription glasses, the optometrist will then introduce you to a member of our dispensing team. Our expert opticians will be on hand to help you choose a frame, before tailoring it to your face shape: the temples can be loosened or tightened to create the perfect fit.

Next, they will lead you step-by-step through our optical measuring system: Essilor Visioffice. This is a highly advanced device that tracks how the eye moves through the lens. Using in-built eye code technology and H3D analysis, it measures with pin-point accuracy.

The optician will then recommend a personalised lens, which is made to order to suit your specific needs.

From there, your complete prescription glasses will take approximately one to two weeks to arrive. They can be collected in store or delivered to your chosen address.


Eye Exam: Follow Up

Once you set foot in a Cutler and Gross store, your vision and eye health are of central importance to us.

Depending on what the eye exam has uncovered, your optometrist will recommend that you return approximately every one-to-two years – the team will reach out when you are due for a check-up.

Our frames are designed to be loved and worn for years, so it's natural that they might require the odd tweak from time to time to restore them to immaculate condition. Find out more about our in-store repairs and adjustments here.

Looking for an eye exam near you? They are available at our New York, Knightsbridge, Spitalfields, and Bath stores.

Please note these are private examinations that are not covered by the NHS.

Please call or book online.