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Face Shape Guide

Here at Cutler and Gross, we understand just how important it is to understand your face shape when choosing glasses to complement your features. Our face shape guide is here to help you find the perfect frame for your face when buying online, alongside our Virtual Try On tool. What face shape do you have? Let’s take a closer look



Round Face


Features: You have full cheeks | Rounded chin and wide forehead | Equal length and width.

We recommend: Look for sharper frames which contrast to your face’s natural curves and provides added dimension and structure.

Suggestions from our Style Director:

  • Choose square, rectangular and aviator shaped glasses (the rectangular cat eye 1241 and the thicker 9mm frames would also look good, as well as our new frame, 1402 and classic 1305)
  • Embrace a bold straight brow bar and select frames where the bridge is high such as the 9289, 1391 and 9692 and for devices and screens take a look at the 1381
  • Select colours such as ‘Black on camo’ or gradient colours like the 0772 ‘Grad Black’ 


Square Face


Features: You have a defined jawline | Angular features | Wide forehead.

We recommend: Shapes that add curves to soften the face.

Suggestions from our Style Director:

  • Choose round, oval or cat eye shapes that soften the face, alongside thinner frames. (Aviators are a great sunglass choice). Our 9288 is a particularly striking cat eye. 
  • Neutral colours will help soften the face, and the sheer material allows the decorated animas to be seen, adding an extra dimension. Check out our sheer acetates in Granny Chic, Ice Blue and Pink
  • Key-hole bridges add extra interest to the centre of the frame and your eyes like 1389 or select a frame with a low bridge like the 1395. Avoid frames with straight brow bars.


Oval Face


Features: You have balanced features | High cheekbones | Narrow chin.

We recommend: You will suit many styles but frames that are as wide (or slightly wider) as the broadest part of your face.

Suggestions from our Style Director: 

  • Avoid too small or oversized frame shapes, instead choose a bold shape, balanced in size to match your well-proportioned face shape, check out the 1350, 1383, 1390. All of these have an emphasis at the top part of the frame with a taper effect over the cheekbones
  • Choose acetates with a linear pattern like ‘Blue Smoke’ or ‘Green Smoke’, textures and embellishments are your friend
  • Frames with lower hinge heights will look great, like the 0822, 1384, 1361, 1393 


Heart Face


Features: You have a broad forehead | Pointed narrow chin | Well defined, high cheekbones.

We recommend: A heart-shaped face is very versatile - many glasses will suit you. Try to look for shapes that minimise the top of your face and make your chin look a little wider.

Suggestions from our Style Director:

  • Choose frames with deep lens shapes like squares and aviator – with accents at the outer edge /points of the frame as seen on the 1386, 0811, 1385, 1346 and 1387
  • Choose bold, solid colours with solid lens colours and mirrors (avoid gradient-coloured acetates and gradient lenses)
  • Sheer colours like the ‘Granny Chic’ and semi sheer/ opaque materials in ‘Humble Potato,’ ‘Prawn Cocktail’ and ‘Butterscotch’ are bold without concealing your cheekbones, check out 1392, 1305 and 9768